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Exquisite Corpse #02

Various Artists — April 26, 2019

After the (highly-enjoyable) artistic chaos that was our first Exquisite Corpse, the Velan art team has decided to go once more around the bend. A total of seven artists took part in this Exquisite Corpse, making up to two passes on the document. When the dust settled, twelve separate contributions had been made along the themes of "Videogames, Animals, and Multi-Limbed", each edit building on previous elements. Let's turn it over to the artists to describe their work!

Kate (Edit 1 of 2)

"I started us off with a vat of nuclear waste! Any good video game with animals should start there. The waste soaked a poor hedgehog, who was just walking down the street. "

Josie (Edit 1 of 2)

"What does it mean to change? To change form, to change the destiny of your avatar? Games are a way to think about possibilities; like dreams, they teach us how to handle our world and prepare for potential dangers. In my entries, I wanted to play with the concepts of mysterious dangers and how they relate to the flat abstractions of those dangers. How does a player change when we will it? How does it change our dangers to abstract them, put them in a box, and apply rigid rules? What are we preparing ourselves for? What do we do when the box fails?"

Erik (Edit 1 of 2)

"I started off simple with that number one video game prop: the crate. Cover object, puzzle-platformer element, space-filler, and hopefully some day... main character. There is nothing the crate can't do."

Carmin (Edit 1 of 2)

"I've always been a fan of flipping between styles, creating something grotesque one moment and something cute the next. I find it helps me vent and prevent feelings of creative stagnation. Gauging how people react, and seeing what we connect to artistically, is what helps keep me curious and pushing my style. Exploration in myself and in others generates new ideas and spurs on my imagination!"


"What's a video game without radioactive exploding killer bees of DEATH?"

James (Edit 1 of 2)

"I'm a fan of Paul Robertson's work and wanted to try my hand at replicating his style. The mental image of myself charging up my poodle (Vader) looked hilarious in my head; it proved difficult to create, but was also a ton of fun! I drew this at a higher resolution, then collapsed the layers, resized to 256x256, used Sharpen Edges, scaled it back up, and cleaned the edges manually. I think it would have turned out better had I painted per pixel."

Kate (Edit 2 of 2)

"In my second pass, I saw the hedgehog and friends had really taken to the waste, so I greened it up and spread it a little more on the city street. The hedgehog had also grown sentient little mushroom friends on his body! The creature, armed with spores, really looks ready for lunch."

Josie (Edit 2 of 2)

"If we can introduce change to a system but someone else is making the rules to that system, can we create anything other than monsters?"

Erik (Edit 2 of 2)

"Round two went in a different direction. No ideas were coming to mind, so I decided to start scribbling, and ended up with a poor lab animal who became an intergalactic champion of justice."

Carmin (Edit 2 of 2)

"This is fine."

James (Edit 2 of 2)

"I kept it going with Robertson's style and created Wednesday, a toaster-cat. I was drawing over lunch and I may have been hungry. Also, why not throw in laser-eyes?"

Ben (Final Edit)

"To wrap up this Exquisite Corpse, I tried to tighten up the overall read of the piece and add a few cool, dynamic elements."

Game Over

Another day, another Exquisite Corpse buttoned up. If you have themes that you'd like turned into another zany Corpse, let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or our new Instagram! In the mean time, we'll keep doing what we do best: making awesome games and beautiful art.

This week's column was a collective effort of numerous Velan artists. For more from Velan, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or check us out on Instagram.